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A Girl’s Own Africa adventure

Gift of the Gabon

My Guerilla in the mist

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Falling from the tree
They have been walking, leaping and even sailing the planet for millions of years – but will the lemurs, man’s long-lost cousins, survive the destruction of Madagascar’s forests?

The hoppiest days of our lives: Recalling the summers spent in the fields
It was their great escape – thousands of families fleeing the poverty of the East End to go hop-picking in Darling Buds of May country. And, as an enchanting new book reveals, they weren’t just there for the beer…

Something’s wrong: Melanie McGrath on Tracy Emin
Few artists are subjected to fierce public scrutiny in the British tabloids like Tracey Emin. But is she a great artist? Melanie McGrath meets the artist whose appearances in art magazines have been shockingly rare.

Riders on the storm
A year ago, two bikers were murdered outside a reunion party in Battersea. It was part of a long-running feud between the Outcasts and Hells Angels. Melanie McGrath set out to get to know the men and women behind the sensational headlines. She found people leading ordinary lives, following a code of brotherhood and honour that is in some ways admirable – it’s just that they kill each other now and then.

The witching hour
Witchcraft was outlawed in this country for the best part of a thousand years. But now, officially tolerated and with a new religion of their own, witches are flooding out of the broom closet. Call it magic, call it hocus-pocus, they say anyone can do it … especially as Hallowe’en approaches.

How I managed to lose millions on the Net
Michael Wolff knows what it is like to build, and lose, an electronic empire. Melanie McGrath talks to the author of the best- seller `Burn Rate

Network: The digital life of Esther Dyson
She can’t remember the last time she went on holiday and only goes home to sleep. So does that make `the most powerful woman in cyberspace’ a lonely workaholic? Far from it. Melanie McGrath finds she’s a woman madly in love… with ideas

How to chat up a superstar
George Michael’s done it. So has Noel Gallagher. It seems you can’t log on these days without bumping into a celebrity in a chat room.

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Melanie McGrath : Hard, Soft And Wet: Doing It For The Kids